Wednesday, March 6, 2013

How I got to meet my Husband

Being married is hard, especially when your living in a country where a man can do what ever he wants but a woman can't. They justify it by saying,"I'm a man so I can do that but you can't because your a woman.  Very convincing right?

I moved to Egypt a couple of years ago, without my parents and this is when I decided to get married. I married someone who I really liked, but I cant say I loved.  
It was a surprise for a lot of people because I always use to literally scare off the guys who were coming to ask for my hand. I hated the idea of getting married, especially if it would have been an Egyptian, which of course was something my parents insisted on. Maybe because my heart belonged to someone else or maybe because I just hadn't found the right person, "My Prince and Shiny Armor," as most people would say.
When I saw the man I married for the first time, I didn't really like him. For some reason when I saw him again after sometime I had a different feeling. He  know some family relatives of mine, and of course he abused that. He would find out when I'm going to them to also go there at the same time. 
We sat once together and talked a lot, laughed and joked around, it was a really nice evening, and that is when he asked me if I see us going somewhere, and if he can come with his parents to visit us. I didn't say no, but I told him that its all going to fast. That day I left without giving him my number, and unfortunately I had to fly back home, because I was in Egypt only for 2 weeks. 
After a few a week I was surprised when he asked my relative for my number. He used to call me almost everyday. If he didn't call then we wrote smss. We got to know each other better. 
Then we decided to get engaged on the 2nd of January 2010. During that time I had already moved to Egypt and transferred my studies. Just to make one point clear, I didnt decide to move to Egypt because of him, I have already took this decision before I got to know him. 
The engagement time was really nice. He was very nice to me, treated me well, respected me, and came to see me everyday. Even his parents were really nice to me and made me feel comfortable with them, they treated me as on of the family. 
During that time we got very close to each other, and he opened to me about everything, and I really mean everything. He even told me about all the girls he knew and went out with. 
He was going to get married to a girl before me. He used to love her, but it was all over because he just didn't see her as a wife to be. She was socially and financially lower than him.
But he said was not true, it wasn't over... that's where the lies start...

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